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We provide clients and law firms with the financial resources they need for justice. We're committed to making the legal system fairer for everyone.

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    At the start of our process, we'll need some info about your claim and sign off on a confidentiality agreement. Then, lightning-fast screening ensues.

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    We agree on the perfect economic terms to finance your needs - transparent crystal pricing, hassle-free simple terms, and no surprise fees.

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    We do our due diligence to ensure your claim is as solid as possible.

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    Our final agreement is clearly outlined in a no-nonsense contract, ready for you to sign. Once we get the green light from our investment board, it's official - our deal is done and dusted.

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    Keep up-to-date on your case with our easy-to-use Client Engagement Portal! Digital transparency lets you track our progress and keeps spending in check.

About Us

Kangarro is more than just a legal finance product, it's a movement towards a more equitable legal system. We provide clients and law firms with financial resources and strategic advice so everyone can access justice. We believe in the power of the law to change lives for the better, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has a fair chance in court. With Kangarro, you always have a fighting chance.

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We make the legal system fairer for everyone.