Solutions by Industry

We provide financial support to law firms and their clients, providing a much-needed buffer against the potentially high costs of litigation or legal services.

Defense Funding

Our team offers pioneering solutions for clients to safely shift the burden of legal defense expenditures and confidently move forward with their projects.


Portfolio & Law Firm Financing

Clients and law firms can create a balanced risk portfolio by diversifying among early-stage cases - reducing exposure but still making headway in legal proceedings.



Our fast-turnaround capital services mean clients who've won a court judgment don't need to wait for the results of an appeal before getting their funding.


Commercial litigation

If you've got legal battles looming, our services can help equip your company with the resources it needs to succeed.


Asset Enforcement

Experienced and well-funded, you have the means to seize your rightful assets. Make sure justice is done.


Intellectual Property

Have a valuable claim to make but no capital? Validity can jumpstart your journey and turn potential into profit.


We make the legal system fairer for everyone.